Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to create incremental project builder in Eclipse?

I wanted to build incremental project builder in Eclipse today.
There is nothing on the top level of the "New Project" wizard to indicate how to build it. Quick search on the web didn't yield any usable result so, I guess posting a short post about it may be useful.

One builds incremental project builder by selecting "Plug-in development" and after 2-3 steps one is able to select among:
- Hello World
- Hello World Command
- Plug-in with a multi-page editor
- Plug-in with a popup menu
- Plug-in with a property page
- Plug-in with a view
- Plug-in with an editor
- Plug-in with an incremental project builder
- Plug-in with sample help content.

Selecting incremental project builder adds sample project builder, project nature, problem marker and popup menu action - so all the things I need.