Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reports that were missing from Google Analytics are being developed at

Did you ever feel like Google Analytics is somewhat constrained in reports it has?

If the answer to this question is NO - that stop here and go do something else.

If on the other hand you wanted to do more with google analytics, but it was almost impossible to get a report you wanted, you may be interested in a new effort at Analytics @ Bugaco.
It starts as a modest effort that created two custom reports that use Google Analyics API to provide different reports than ones provided by Google Analytics itself.
It is in early stages of development, and any comments that would make it better are welcomed by development team. All comments you do send will be seriously evaluated and prioritized.

So, what is Analytics@Bugaco at this early stage of development?

At this time Analytics@Bugaco has two reports - one is oriented toward developers - it allows you to determine what kind of screens your users have, and thus it will help you design better software/website layouts that will fit your real users.

Another report available is mapping visitors on google map. This is cool for a few reasons, and where we intend to go with it is to allow you to include generated map into your website. For an example of how this would work visit Software Tools for Academics and Researchers site. They have a map that displays visitors from last 30 days - it's an cool and impresive map, and what's really cool, you can zoom in and see your city!
At this stage, through map is not embeddable, but with sufficient interest (read comments) it will be put ahead of other priorities.

Thanks, and enjoy Analytics@Bugaco site

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sequence conversion tool

There is new sequence conversion tool at Bioinf @ It allows conversion between 16 most popular sequence formats.
Here is direct link to sequence conversion utility

What is really cool is that it supports:

  • ace
  • embl
  • fasta
  • fastq
  • fastq-solexa
  • fastq-illumina
  • genbank
  • ig
  • nexus
  • phd
  • phylip
  • pir
  • stockholm
  • swiss
  • tab
  • qual

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

StarCluster - Open source StarCluster shines on Amazon cloud Dynamic computing allocation possible

A new open source project dubbed StarCluster has been released aiming to simplify the management of virtual clusters hosted on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. According to developer Justin Riley, StarCluster minimises the administrative overhead associated with obtaining, configuring, and managing a traditional computing cluster used in research labs or for general distributed computing applications. The StarCluster project started at MIT's Software Tools for Academics and Researchers (STAR) Program.

Source ComputerWorld AU